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Return to Athens, Paris disappointment set aside

Olympic Series

06 July 2020 (Mon)

Inspection visit

26th Asian Junior and Cadet Table Tennis Championships

30 December 2019 (Mon)

Episode 9 - First Attack

"Aim for the Stars" Coaching Videos

02 July 2020 (Thu)

Nepal National Junior Training Camp

ATTU “Aim for the Stars”

22 December 2019 (Sun)

Return to Athens: gold for Ryu Seungmin

Olympics Series

02 July 2020 (Thu)

Happy New Year

Season’s Greetings from ATTU President CAI Zhenhua

25 December 2019 (Wed)

Episode 8 - Short balls and flick

ATTU "Aim for the Stars" Coaching Videos

25 June 2020 (Thu)

ATTU Aim to the Stars Jordan and Oman support

“Aim for the Stars”

16 December 2019 (Mon)

Zhang Yining, learning from Wang Nan

Female Athlete

25 June 2020 (Thu)

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