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Indefatigable, Chuang Chih-Yuan tries yet again

2020 Men’s World Cup

27 October 2020 (Tue)

Magnificent Ma momentous millennium milestone

2020 Men's World Cup

26 October 2020 (Mon)

Chen Meng, charged to uphold national honour

2020 Women’s World Cup

24 October 2020 (Sat)

Debut but Sun Yingsha no stranger to the spotlight

2020 Women’s World Cup

23 October 2020 (Fri)

Chen Szu-Yu, four in a row

2020 Women's World Cup

22 October 2020 (Thu)

Main challenger, no longer a teenager

2020 Women's World Cup

21 October 2020 (Wed)

Korea Republic, Jeon Jihee leads bid to first medal

2020 Women's World Cup

20 October 2020 (Tue)

Kasumi Ishikawa, Japan’s consistent performer

2020 Women’s World Cup

19 October 2020 (Mon)

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