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Letter and Blessing from the President


Dear All,

In the cherishable memory of year 2017, we embraced the great success of the 23rd Asian Championships and the grand election for the new ATTU leading organ in the Congress meeting in Wuxi, China.

Various tournaments were smoothly held in Asia: 30th Asian Cup in India, 23rd Asian Junior and Cadet Championships in Korea, 2018 YOG Continental Qualifications for Asia in India etc. We are also amazed to see that different regions in Asia have presented great developing momentum and hosted several ITTF events, including the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals and Star Awards held in Kazakhstan.

ATTU also renewed the Development Agreement with DHS and the fund provided by DHS will continue to fuel various table tennis development activities for another four-year term.

We have seen ATTU’s tradition of friendly consultation brought us towards a brighter future. ATTU also continued the close cooperation with ITTF and three candidates from Asia were successfully elected to the ITTF EB during the ITTF elections.

Lastly, I am grateful to the efforts from ATTU members over the past year, and would like to send my best wishes to all of you in the upcoming year.

May the year 2018 bring everyone happiness and success!


Cai zhenhua

ATTU President 

Dec.21. 2017