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Tuesday 07 July

7th July 2020


ATTU "Aim for the Stars" Iran National Project


Covid 19 lockdown in most countries has caused the cessation of most international table tennis competitions and development activities.


Some countries are beginning to open up to sport in general and table tennis, in particular, depending on the situation in their country, and while sending players for training internationally, or inviting international coaches and experts to a particular country is difficult, ATTU “Aim for the Stars” can still assist at a national level for countries commencing training again, or for countries wanting to be prepared for when they open up again with a good supply of equipment.


One such country is Iran, who have used their ATTU “Aim for the Stars” National Project budget to purchase a large number of training balls to assist at all levels.

Mr. Mehrdad Alighardashi, President of I.R.Iran Table Tennis Federation commented"At the Asian Championships in Indonesia last year ATTU’s “Aim for the Stars” program was inaugurated. Thanks to ATTU, It was a motivational idea for Asian countries. We use this budget to participate in Austria and Belarus Open, achieving a great result, last year, and due to Covid-19, with regards to ATTU, giving this chance to receive the rest of the budget as the equipment. 



I wish health for all table tennis families and hope to be together again soon."


Mr. Peyman Hassani, Secretary-General of  I.R.Iran Table Tennis Federation added" I thank the Asian Table Tennis Confederation for implementing a new development plan in different parts of Asia, which will lead to the further development of different countries at the continental level.   The ATTU donated balls will be used for training in the camps of national teams, provinces, and cities of Iran."



Photo right to left are as follows:

Mr. Mehrdad Alighardashi, President of I.R.Iran Table Tennis Federation

Dr. Fatemeh Keyvani, Women`s Vice president of  I.R.Iran Table Tennis Federation

Dr. Parisa Samadi , Chairman of Medical Committee of  I.R.Iran Table Tennis Federation

Mr. Peyman Hassani, Secretary-General of  I.R.Iran Table Tennis Federation

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