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Exacting times ahead, no room for error in Lask

Wednesday 02 June

Bronze medallist in women’s team class 4-5 at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games when partnering Jung Younga, but if Korea Republic’s Kang Oejeong is to be present in Tokyo, she will have to reproduce the formed displayed in the Brazilian city at the forthcoming Paralympic World Qualification Tournament.

Play in the three day event commences in Lasko, Slovenia on Thursday 3rd June.

Moreover, she will have minimal room for error; there are 21 places on offer; that may appear at first sight to be a high number, but when broken down into categories it is quite the opposite.

It is one place per category. There are 11 classes for men and 10 for women; the one less place for women is owing to the fact class 1 and class 2 are combined.

Class 1 to class 5 events are for wheelchair athletes, class 6 to class 10 for standing players, the lower the number, the more severe the disability. Class 11 is for players with an intellectual impairment.

Overall, 238 players, 153 men and 75 women, from 52 National Olympic Committees with compete in Lasko; of that number 54 players are from Asia, 31 men and 23 women.

Similar to Korea, who field six men and four women, Japan and Thailand are present in numbers. A total of eight men and five women comprise the Japanese entry, for Thailand it is four men and four women.

In total 13 National Committees from Asia will be present in Lasko: Armenia, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, India, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea Republic, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

The tournament follows the continental qualification events in which globally 55 men and 50 women qualified for Tokyo, as well as the world rankings at the end of March for which 72 men and 28 women gained places.

Editor: Ian Marshall

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