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Titles not defended, China not present in Doha

Wednesday 08 September

China will not compete in the 2021 ITTF-ATTU Asian Championships to be staged in Doha from Tuesday 28th September to Tuesday 5th October.

Xu Xin won in 2019 in Yogyakarta but will not defend his title

Published by the Xinhua News Agency, Qin Zhijian, Secretary-General of the Chinese Table Tennis Association and the head coach of the men’s team, advised that following the period of quarantine required after their return from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the players will return to their provincial teams in order to prepare for the 14th National Games.

A most prestigious multi-sport event, the competition will be staged in Shaanxi Province from Friday 17th to Sunday 26th September.

In addition, the World Championships are scheduled for Houston in the United States from Tuesday 23rd to Monday 29th November to be followed by the China Super League.

"As the table tennis competition of the National Games will be held between September 17 and 26, and the Asian Championships will start on September 28, there is limited intermission between the two tournaments. Taking international flights into consideration, it's quite difficult for the team to arrive in Qatar on schedule to participate.

There is much risk in international travel during the pandemic, and all participants will have to undergo quarantine after the Asian Championships, which will affect our plan for the upcoming tournaments, especially the World Championships. It will not benefit our young players' development, and both men's and women's coaching groups have made decision to withdraw from the Asian Championships for the overall benefit of the team." Qin Zhijian

Li Sun, head coach of the Chinese women's team, was of the view that the withdrawal would not have a detrimental effect.

"This serves as the qualification for the World Team Championships in Chengdu next year. We are already guaranteed one spot as hosts of the tournament. The first thing for players after finishing their Olympic duties is to adjust their physical shape to gear up for the National Games and the World Championships. Therefore, it's the best choice for us to withdraw from the Asian Championships.” Li Sun

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