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2016 ITTF Hopes Week was a great success for Asia

Wednesday 08 June


2016 ITTF Hopes Week was a great success for Asia.....

2016 ITTF Hopes Week was held in Doha from May 29th to June 4th. Qatar TTA hosted the event in Aspire Academy with a perfect condition :  the playing hall, hospitality and other facilities  were all provided in world level.

Head coaches Singapore’s Jing Jun Hong and Germany’s Dirk Wagner trained 11 and 12 years old boys and girls coming from different corners of the world. In the meantime lectures were delivered to the accompanying coaches by the Aspire Academy experts as well as the ITTF experts.
On the last day, June 4th, a challenge match was played by all participants in both girls and boys singles. The performance of all Asian players at this challenge match were impressive, even in absence of the East Asians. The boys gold medal was won by 11 years old Navid Shams of Iran who passed the Egyptian player in Semi Final and US player in final.

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