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Dynasty started six decades ago, Qiu Zhonghui the founder


24 April 2021 (Sat)

Reflections: the father of the dynasty


23 April 2021 (Fri)

Reflections: China extends hand of friendship to Australia


22 April 2021 (Thu)

Reflections: Deng Yaping, the greatest moment

Female Players

21 April 2021 (Wed)

Reflections: Deng Yaping wins on debut

Female Players

20 April 2021 (Tue)

Doha to host 2021 Asian Championships

2021 Asian Championships

19 April 2021 (Mon)

Reflections – Deng Yaping: most important event of all

Olympic Games

18 April 2021 (Sun)

The supporter now key player

Female Athletes

16 April 2021 (Fri)

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